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Can E-Cigarettes Take The Danger Out Of Smoking?

Posted June 10th, 2013 in News by Steve

Cigarette smoking has been vilified in the media and by lawmakers around the world. The issue is often politicised over and above its health factors. Now smokers have a viable alternative in the e-cigarette.

The anatomy of an e-cigarette

The e-cigarette is considered an electronic oral device. It provides a vapour containing nicotine or other substances to simulate the act of smoking. The vapour is produced by a cartridge which contains nicotine or other flavourings, which can be adjusted to the user’s preference. This puts the amount of flavour emitted from the device squarely in the hands of the user.

There are four technical components in an e-cigarette. The cartridge contains the flavours in liquid form. The atomizer disperses the vapour. The battery powers the unit. An indicator light shows that the product is working.

The e-cigarette does not contain tobacco nor does it expel tobacco smoke. The device is not considered a tobacco product although nicotine can be used as a vapour. This puts the e-cigarette in a legal gray area, but many ex-smokers consider it the best alternative to smoking.

The product has been tested and perfected for over a decade. Many companies have been looking for a non-toxic method for smokers to enjoy their pastime. Modern technology has made this product possible through the development of microelectronics. The e-cigarette offers a genuine smoking experience without the unpleasant trade-offs.

Nicotine in an electronic cigarette

Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine, the substance that is considered addictive. This organic compound is found in tobacco and in lower quantities in other plants. Small amounts of nicotine are not harmful. Smokers who choose to opt for e-cigarettes can control the amount of nicotine admitted in the vapours.

There are a variety of flavours available when using e-cigarettes. Many of these mixtures don’t require nicotine for enjoyment. The e-cigarette option allows smokers to get the flavour and the nicotine effect without the carcinogenic health risks. Those who prefer smoking tobacco alternatives will find a rich variety of flavours from which to choose.

How to quit smoking using e-cigarettes

Many ex-tobacco smokers swear by e-cigarettes as a great alternative. The product is helping them to quit smoking altogether. Smoking is both a physical and a mental process. Trying to quit without nicotine replacement therapy or other methods can be extremely difficult. E-cigarettes allow the smoker to control the level of nicotine in the cartridge. They can gradually lower the levels without having to go “cold turkey”.

The fact that many e-cigarettes look exactly like traditional tobacco-based cigarettes makes them ideal for quitting.  These products allow the user to enjoy the physical process of smoking as they gradually reduce their nicotine levels. This is especially true for long-time smokers who have been indulging in the habit for decades. E-cigarettes can help smokers to safely and comfortably move away from traditional cigarette smoking over time. There is no need to go through the physical and mental agony of nicotine withdrawal; e-cigarettes make the process simple.

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