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Electronic Cigarettes and $$$

Posted November 28th, 2013 in News by Steve

Most of us started smoking when we were teenagers.  I made us look “cool”.  Why not? We were young, carefree, no responsibilities, no bills and cigarettes were so much cheaper years ago.  Cigarette price crawled up and we “suck it up”.  We were so addicted we didn’t care.  It just kept getting more and more expensive. 

Let’s stop for a minute and think about this.  I won’t talk about the 4,000 plus lethal chemicals you and the people around you are inhaling not the higher health and life insurance you pay for because of smoking.

It’s a well known fact that smoking is a long term expensive habit.  For a $10 a day smoker (most smokers spend more than that), that’s $70 a week, $280 a month, $3,640 a year.  How much has it been since you started smoking?

Nothing can be done about the money spent on cigarettes all those years of smoking.  what we can control is NOW.

An ex smoker can get an electronic cigarette starter pack for the cost of 1 week supply of real cigarettes.  After that, the electronic cigarette uses e liquid which only costs $10 per 10ml bottle.  Some vapers use 10ml more or less depending on the user.  Every couple of weeks a new atomizer ($10) is needed and every couple of months a new set of cartridges.  That’s all.  No wonder the electronic cigarette gains popularity everyday.  The money savings and health benefits make it a no brainer.

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