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Exploding Electronic Cigarette Controversy

Posted December 11th, 2013 in News by Steve

Electronic cigarette is the best invention since sliced bread (especially for long time smokers).  However, bad publicity like the exploding cigarette from USA scares the public to try this Holy Grail.

The electronic cigarette user modified his e cigarette himself, against manufacturer’s warning. His electronic cigarette exploded causing extreme damage to his face, mouth and eyes.  Instead of using batteries from the website he purchased his electronic cigarette from, the person bought a battery, not specifically intended for electronic cigarettes, somewhere else for some reason or another, causing the electronic cigarette to literally blow up on his face.

Health E-Cigarette electronic cigarette batteries have no exposed parts.  The batteries, atomizers and customizers are tamper-proof.  It is very simple, charge the battery by screwing it into the usb charger.  To use the electronic cigarette, screw the battery into the atomizer or cartomizer.  Fool proof.  Simple.

It’s a shame that 2 incidents scare people into trying this great product.  Millions if not billions of people are using electronic cigarettes to either quit smoking or to vape (a much healthier alternative) and save money instead of smoking real cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are by far the most effective smoking cessation devices available.  Patches, gums, lozenges, puffers, mind-altering medications etc. are just not effective even though they contain nicotine.  With electronic cigarettes the vaper goes through the motion of actual smoking: inhaling and exhaling vapour.  When the e cigarette uses nicotine, the vaper even gets the throat hit very much like smoking the real cigarettes.

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