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Five Non-Health Benefits of Using Electronic Cigarettes

Posted May 8th, 2013 in News by Steve

The most important benefits of electronic cigarettes are their health benefits, and it is probably for this reason that most people start using them. Not only will using the e-cigarette decrease your chances of getting any number of cancers and cardiovascular diseases, but it will improve your health. The old adage that the value of good health cannot be measured remains true even today.

There are, however, a number of benefits that result from using electronic cigarettes that are not health related. Most people will find that these benefits will make their lives better and happier.

1. You will have more money

Smoking is not a cheap habit. A heavy smoker can spend over $100.00 a week on cigarettes, which is more than $5000.00 per year. That is a lot of money. Changing over to the e-cigarette means that you will have more money in your purse or wallet, because using the electronic cigarette is much cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Unless you are a multi-millionaire who has money to throw around, you probably have to watch your dollars and cents and stick to a budget.

2. You, your house and your car won’t stink

One of the biggest problems with being a smoker is that you stink, and you often are not aware of the smell. Non-smokers, however, will notice your smell and will probably mention it to you. The smell of cigarette smoke gets into your clothes, hair, furniture, carpet and car upholstery. It seems a little pointless to wash yourself, your clothes, your house and your car if you are just going to smoke and make then stink again. The e-cigarette does not produce any smell so you and everything you own will smell fresh and clean.

3. A great conversation starter

Since most people still do not know what electronic cigarettes are, you will often get asked about your device. This is a great conversation starter. People are always interested to learn about new inventions, especially ones that will potentially improve the health of millions of people around the world as knowledge of e-cigarettes spreads and more people start using them. Smokers in particular will want to know about your product because almost every single one of them wants to kick their unhealthy habit, but often is not able to with traditional methods and products. You might even save someone’s life by introducing them to the electronic cigarette.

4. Your sense of taste and smell will improve

Once you stop smoking, your sense of taste and smell will start to improve. Your taste buds, which have been damaged by cigarette smoke, will recover and start working properly again. You will enjoy the taste and smell of food again like you did when you were a child, before you started smoking. many of the foods that you love will taste even better. Even vegetables, which aren’t the most flavoursome of foods, will taste much stronger and better.

5. You and your family will be safer

Many house fires are started each year due to cigarettes, often when people smoke in bed and fall asleep with a lit cigarette. As a result, a number of people are killed in these fires, while others suffer horrible and painful burns. The e-cigarette eliminates this safety hazard because it does not produce a flame or heat. You and your family will be safe because the electronic cigarette cannot start a house fire. You can now smoke the e-cigarette in bed, safe in the knowledge that there is no chance of starting a house fire.


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