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How E-Cigarettes Can Improve Workplace Productivity

Posted July 12th, 2013 in News by Steve

Most people want to be more productive in their work life. Modern technologies such as computers and laptops, mobile phones and especially the internet have enabled people to do many tasks much faster than previously and to also multi-task. Another new technology – the electronic cigarette – can play a role in improving workplace productivity as well.

Most importantly, e-cigarettes eliminate the need for cigarette breaks. Since all workplaces must be tobacco-free under legislation in all Australian jurisdictions, cigarette smokers must leave their workplace to indulge in their habit. Not only is time wasted getting to and from a suitable smoking area, but time is also squandered while smoking the actual cigarette. Imagine how much more time a smoker would have to actually get their work done if they did not smoke, or could smoke inside of their workplace. The electronic cigarette actually allows you to smoke inside of an office or any other work area because it does not produce smoke or any harmful vapours. It is entirely safe and almost entirely odourless. Employees who have staff who work might want to encourage them to switch to the e-cigarette as a healthier and more productive alterative to tobacco cigarettes.

Not only does the electronic cigarette eliminate the need to waste time on smoking breaks, it will improve the health of employees which will in turn make them more productive. Smokers have a greater risk of developing various chronic and acute respiratory ailments. They are especially prone to getting colds and flus, requiring them to take days off of work to recover. A non-smoker is sick less often and thus a more productive worker. Switching to the e-cigarette will reduce the number of sick days that a person takes.

Smokers aren’t always the most popular employees as many people do not like the smell of tobacco, which permeates clothing, no matter how much the person tries to cover it up with fragrances. Smelling of cigarette smoke does not convey an impression of professionalism.

For all of these reasons, the electronic cigarette is a better alternative to real cigarettes in the work environment.

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