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My Saviour – E Cigarettes

Posted August 13th, 2011 in News by Steve

Personal message from Mr. Bob Goldberg, Director of Health E-Cigarette Australia.

I had been trying to quit smoking for 20 years when my lifesaver came along…the electronic cigarette – or ecigarette. During my 20 years of trying to quit smoking I tried nicotine patches (on about 10 to 15 different occasions), nicotine gum (upset my stomach all the time), lozenges, hypnotherapy, zyban, and champix (dangerously mind altering).

I had spent a small fortune on these ‘quit smoking aids’ and a big fortune on poisonous, cancer causing tobacco cigarettes, and I was still smoking and dying a little everyday thanks to my ‘little friend’. Then along came my saviour, the e-cigarette, ecigs, electronic cigarette – call it what you will. This was 2 years ago and I have never felt better, I don’t crave the real cigarette and I have saved a small fortune already. This is definitely the best thing out there for anyone trying to quit tobacco cigarettes, and save themselves a fortune in the process.

I believe in the electronic cigarette so much that I have started my own company selling ecigs and devote most of my time to helping smokers kick this evil and poisonous habit and start leading longer and healthier lives.

My electronic cigarettes have already helped hundreds and hundreds of smokers and the positive feedback I get everyday encourages me to keep spreading the word on the effectiveness of ecigs. I will not stop until the deadly tobacco cigarettes are no longer around poisoning people.

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