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My Victory over Cigarette Smoking Using ECIGS

Posted August 13th, 2011 in News by Steve

Numerous times over the years I tried giving up smoking. It had been the most difficult experience of my life. The addiction was sooooo powerful that I could only compare it to being a heroine addict (I can just imagine this). I used patches, gums, lozenges, zyban, champix (very dangerous stuff), inhalers, nicotine nasal sprays and so on. Mood swings were unbearable. I cried at a drop of a hat. The depression always got to me. A few times I was able to hold off for 6 months. However, after that 6 month mark, something always happened that broke my determination (looking back, I’m pretty sure I made something happen so I can smoke again). It was and is a debilitating disease and there is no cure for it.

I always wondered how some people can quit smoking just like that. Maybe they have a stronger personality, determination, drive or whatever it is. Anyway, bottom line, I felt bad about myself. Oh the guilt that I felt when I was pregnant and still could not quit but just “cut down”. I’m not stupid. I knew it was very harmful to my unborn child but I could not help myself. How awful, what kind of a mother am I?

I did what a normal person would do. I got tired of trying and gave up on giving up.

I come from a family of smokers. My father was a chain smoker who died at the age of 49. My brother died of lung cancer at the age of 47. Still, I kept on smoking. Three years ago, I heard about this electronic cigarette. I of course “googled” it and the information blew me away. I impulsively bought one.

OMG, I wasn’t even planning on giving up but I did it anyway, with the help of my BFF (best friend forever) the ecigs. It’s been two and a half years and the funniest thing is I don’t even crave for the real cigarette. I use my e cig inside the house, the car, virtually everywhere. There’s no smell, no smoke and I feel so much better. Guess I got the last laugh. The fat lady sure is singing. I say goodbye and good riddance to cigarettes. Thanks e cigarette.

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