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Nine Benefits of Using the E-Cigarette

Posted July 22nd, 2013 in News by Steve

1. Avoid many health risks

Research has shown that tobacco smoke contains at least 5000 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer. The vapour produced by electronic cigarettes does not contain any of these chemicals. Instead it contains a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and food flavour, all of which are found in many products that people consume every day and are entirely safe. By switching to the e-cigarette, you will greatly reduce your risk of developing cancer, a pulmonary illness or a respiratory disease.

2. Save money

A packet of cigarettes costs around $15. If you smoke a packet a day, that adds up to $5475 a year. It would only cost a fraction of that to purchase and operate an electronic cigarette. Imagine all of the other things you could buy with the money that you saved. Vaping is good for the bank balance as well as your health.

3. Vape where you like

Because there aren’t any laws against using the e-cigarette in public places, you can use it in restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, airports, buses, trains, nightclubs and pretty much everywhere else you aren’t allowed to smoke. The electronic cigarette does not produce any harmful vapours or smoke and can thus be used safely around other people.

4. Regain your sense of smell and taste

The smoke from tobacco cigarettes damages the taste buds inside of your mouth and the smell receptors inside of your nose. This is why smokers don’t enjoy their food as much as non-smokers. When you quit smoking, you regain these senses, enabling you to enjoy your food once again.

5. No passive smoke

Passive smoke – or second-hand smoke, as it is sometimes called – is just as dangerous to people around you as the cigarette smoke is to you. This is why it is forbidden to smoke around children and to smoke in public places. It has been argued that passive smoke is more dangerous than cigarette smoke because the smoker at least has a filter in their cigarette to filter out some of the toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke, unlike the stander-by who has no such filter. The e-cigarette does not produce a harmful vapour and can thus be used safely anywhere.

6. You and your home will smell nicer

Cigarette smoke leaves a horrible smell on you and your home. Smokers often aren’t even aware of this, but non-smokers can definitely smell the stale cigarette smoke smell. Cigarette smoke gets in your hair and into your clothes, making you stink when in public, and no amount of perfume or cologne can cover up the smell of cigarette smoke.

7. Eliminate fire risks

Many people die in house fires each year caused by cigarettes. By switching to the electronic cigarette you can make your home a safer place and protect your loved ones. Electronic cigarettes do not have a flame and can not start a fire. Thus, they are safe to use inside the house.

8. White teeth

There are not too many things as unattractive as teeth yellowed from years of smoking. If you spend the time and money getting your teeth whitened, smoking will only make them yellow again. If you quit smoking with the e-cigarette, your teeth will become white again and look very impressive.

9. Keep the weight off

Many people don’t want to quit smoking because they are scared of putting on weight, which is perfectly understandable. Instead of putting a cigarette to their mouth, they start putting food in their mouth. The electronic cigarette does not cause weight gain because you still have something to put in your mouth, thus satisfying this urge. It keeps a person’s hands busy and makes them less prone to snacking on food.

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