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Quit Smoking the EASY WAY

Posted August 7th, 2011 in News by Steve

A new and revolutionary way to give up smoking cigarettes for good. Want to break free from the addiction to cigarettes but satisfy the cravings? The Health E-Cigarette, an electronic cigarette, is a healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes. The Health E-Cigarette looks and feels just like a real cigarette without any of the 4,000 plus harmful substances that are found in real cigarettes. It imitates the act of smoking.

The Health E-Cigarette is the most powerful, effective, and cheapest quit smoking product on the market today. Herbs and drugs that claim to help a person quit smoking are ineffective. Nicotine replacement therapy like the patches, gum, lozenges and inhalers also do not work effectively enough. Dangerous and mind altering drugs like Zyban and Champix also don’t work and why don’t all these things work? Simple! Because our subconscious mind needs something to simulate the whole act and experience of smoking a cigarette. The look. The feel. The inhalation. The exhalation. The ‘smoke’.

You get this with the Health E-Cigarette but not the lung cancer, throat cancer, emphysema, heart disease or numerous other diseases “our little friend” is just dying to give us.

If you have tried to quit smoking before, you know how easy it is to “fall off the wagon”. We, smokers smoke when we are happy or sad, in grief or celebrating, hungry or full, busy or bored, stressed out or relaxing and hundreds of other events in between. With the Health E-Cigarette, you can use this electronic cigarette whenever you want, whenever you need it just like you would the conventional cigarette.

The Health E-Cigarette is battery operated so you do not light up, it is not a fire hazard. You inhale just like a real cigarette. The air flow during inhalation activates the heating element that vapourizes the liquid solution in the cartridge. The tip lights up and it is an indication that the device is in use. The odourless vapour (NOT smoke) is inhaled and exhaled. This odourless vapour simulates actual smoke but it contains no smoke. Thus, you get all the benefits of smoking a cigarette without the 4,000 plus harmful and cancer causing substances attached to it.


  1. It contains no harmful chemicals or poisons.
  2. There is no lighting up therefore it is not a fire hazard. It can even be used in bed!
  3. There are no cancer causing substances in this product.
  4. There are no offensive and harmful second hand smoke to the user and those around him/her.
  5. There is no bitter aftertaste after using the Health E-Cigarette and no bitter taste upon waking up.
  6. There will be no ashtray odour on the body, clothes, home and car of the user.
  7. The body will have an improved blood circulation therefore blood pressure is improved, better looking skin, teeth and gums, cholesterol will improve, lower risk of stroke and heart disease…
  8. Overall health is improved and energy is increased.

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