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The Electronic Cigarette: Smoke Without Fire

Posted March 10th, 2014 in News by Steve

It is well-known that smoking is an unhealthy habit, yet many people find it very difficult to give up this unhealthy habit. Technology, however, has provided an ideal solution to the problem of quitting smoking: the electronic cigarette. The e-cigarette has been around for less than a decade, but it has helped many people quit smoking and become healthier in the process. A number of features unique to the electronic cigarette have played a key role in its popularity and they will be examined here.

E-cigarettes have advanced technologically since the first model appeared in 2003, partly because of greater demand for the device. They have become more user friendly in the process. Some models look exactly like real cigarettes, although they do have a limited battery life which is one major drawback. Other models do not look like a real cigarette, but have the advantage of a stronger battery. Alongside advances in batteries in the mobile phone and laptop industries have been advances in the e-cigarette industry as well. Batteries have remained more or less the same size, but their life has been extended greatly over the last few years. The heating elements have witnessed the greatest technological advance since this is the part of the electronic cigarette that does the most work, and suffers a relatively short lifespan because of this.

Another important feature of the e-cigarette is its flavour. A number of flavours are available, and this makes the vaping experience more interesting as it allows for variety. There are many flavours available, ranging from fruits to popular drinks, but the most popular remain the various tobacco flavours. Initially, these flavours weren’t particularly similar to the original product, but over time chemists have perfected the flavour so that there is very little different between the taste of real tobacco and the taste of the liquid tobacco flavour that is used in the electronic cigarette. The same can be said for the other popular flavours like menthol, vanilla and coffee.

With all these unique features, electronic cigarettes have gained a solid worldwide reputation and following. More importantly, they have aided millions of smokers to give up the unhealthy habit and lead healthier lives.

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