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Vaping as a Lifestyle

Posted May 29th, 2013 in News by Steve

The popularity of electronic cigarettes has led to the birth of a new community of people who use them. These people are known as vapers. The name is derived from the verb ‘vaping’, since e-cigarette users are inhaling vapour rather than smoke. Not only have electronic cigarettes helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world quit smoking, they have created a new hobby and lifestyle for these people as well.

People usually start using the e-cigarette because they want to quit smoking. Often, however, they find the device so interesting that they want to learn more about it and to establish contact with other users of electronic cigarettes. This has led to the formation of a number of online communities as well as real life communities of vapers. A vaping festival is held in Victoria annually.

Part of the appeal of e-cigarettes is the multitude of available models. There are thousands of models on the market, coming in all different sizes, shapes and colours. Furthermore, there are a multitude of different flavours of e-liquid, ranging from almond to whiskey. There is even a ninja turtle soup flavour!

Vaping is not expensive hobby, and it is far cheaper and healthier than smoking cigarettes. An e-cigarette kit costs around $100 and the e-liquid costs around $10 a week, which translates to about $520 a year in running costs. An average smoker, on the other hand, smokes around three packets of cigarettes a week, which costs between $2340 (at $15 per packet) and $3210 (at $20 per packet).

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