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Rolling Stone Rocker Attempts to Quit Smoking

Posted November 22nd, 2012 in News by yosir

The Rolling Stones guitarist, Ronnie Wood, is making a failing attempt to quit smoking. The rocker has battled with alcohol and drug addictions in the past, and is now trying to quit his nicotine habit as a promise to his girlfriend, Sally Humphreys — but he’s finding it hard. A source said: “Ronnie has really tried to knock smoking on the head but it’s one sacrifice too far. He told Sally he was going to give it his best shot but it just wasn’t to be. He’s done amazingly well removing alcohol and drugs from his life and cigarettes are the only vice he has left.” Last November, Ronnie, aged 65, said he was trying to give up the habit but admitted that it’s a very tough thing to do. “Cigarettes are the hardest ones to crack but I mean to do that this month,” he said. Since then he’s been seen many times smoking electronic cigarettes in an attempt to quit, but he’s also been spotted with the real thing as well.


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